Museums on Twitter


The big social media success story of 2009 was Twitter, and as the number of people using the website has exploded so have the number of Museums using it to connect with new and existing audiences.

Country by county
This month my research has found 871 Museums using Twitter, and I would expect the real total to be over 1,000. The majority of these institutions are in the United States (542 museums), but there has been a lot of growth in Europe over the past few months with more Dutch, German and French Museums starting to tweet.

Below: Number of Museums on Twitter by county

Top Museums on Twitter
The number of people choosing to follow the 871 Museums which I have found on Twitter is a massive 1,104,834 and the most followed institution is currently Museo Nacional del Prado in Madrid with 81,573 followers (this is up from 1,547 followers in November thanks to Twitter suggesting the Museum as ’someone to follow’ to users in Spain).

This is the first time that I have been able to show that over 1 million people follow Museums on Twitter, and I feel that this is a great statistic to use when making the case for using Twitter in a Museum.

Number of followers
While the most followed Museums shown above each have over 10,000 followers it is worth noting that the majority of Museums on Twitter have less then 1,000 people following their tweets.